Listening sessions - Edition 2022

During the four central listening sessions of the Festival each choir is given a special program to perform. The central theme is “Perierat et inventus est” or “old repertoire newly discovered”.

The oldest text manuscripts of the Graduale Romanum from the 9th century (cf. Hesbert, Antiphonale Missarum sextuplex) contain about 60 compositions never restored or publicized in the course of history. Allessandro de Lillo has restored and musically edited this repertoire based on manuscripts, found all over Europe. The composition was publicized recently via a doctorate presented at the Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra in Rome.

The participants at the 2018 Festival will have the opportunity to discover this unknown, authentic repertoire, which was left intact for many centuries. It consists of diverse proprium or chants for mass liturgy and is very beautiful and surprising. The program of the four central listening sessions will be completed with an anthology of chants from local traditions.

Like in the past the content of the programs was entrusted to Professor Doctor Franz Karl Prassl. He is a lecturer at the Arts University of Graz (Austria) and Professor of Gregorian chant at the Pontifical Institute of Religious Music in Rome.