Festival 2018 Practical

A.    Info ticketing

Attending liturgical services is free. Reservation is not necessary. Ticket prices for concerts and auditions are indicated on the reservation form. Reservation for each single event is possible. Seats are not numbered. Online reservations are convenient.
Tickets can also be purchased at the church entrance during the festival.
Tickets booked from abroad will be available at the church entrance before the event.

Orders from Belgium, paid before 30th April, will be sent home. People who pay later, or who order tickets from abroad will find their tickets at the entrance of the church on the day of the event.

B. Fundraising

Ticket sales and sponsoring do not cover the overall costs of the organization of the Festival. That is why the festival organization calls for joining the relief fund. Any financial contribution is very much appreciated. People who support the Festival with a minimum amount of € 25 will find their names in the list of the support committee.  A contribution from € 200 onward gives you a 4 Day Festival access with reserved seats in front of the church (10th – 13th of May, Watou and Haringe, 11 accesses).

Thank you very much.

C. Accomodation

The organizers of the festival would be delighted in finding accommodation in the Watou area.
For information, contact Isabelle Theodon. E-mail: isseauboeallez.theofdon@dalpegagfroupo.com
Tel. 0494/ 58 84 14 (after 6.00 PM)

D. Festival poster

You can also help us with the distribution of the festival posters. Posters are available (or can be obtained) on the festival address.

E. PDF files



F. Bank account

Account: BE34 4673 2237 0190 - BIC KREDBEBB of the Internationaal Gregoriaans Festival van Watou, Moenaardestraat 20, 8978 Watou, Belgium

G. Website & social media


You can find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/festivalwatou) or share information with your friends. You can post your experiences on our wall.

Follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/festivalwatou, @festivalwatou) and share your festival moments with #festivalwatou. To get into contact with us use @festivalwatou. If you want to tweet about the festival, use #festivalwatou.

On Youtube (www.youtube.com/festivalwatou) you can watch our videos.

H. Information and bookings

For information and tickets, please contact:

Internationaal Gregoriaans Festival van Watou
Moenaardestraat 20
8978 Watou - Belgium
Tel. +32 57 388 267
Mobile +32 478 29 23 80