Festival 2022 Practical

A. Bank account

Account: BE34 4673 2237 0190 - BIC KREDBEBB of the Internationaal Gregoriaans Festival van Watou, Moenaardestraat 20, 8978 Watou, Belgium

B. Website & social media


You can find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/festivalwatou) or share information with your friends. You can post your experiences on our wall.

Follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/festivalwatou, @festivalwatou) and share your festival moments with #festivalwatou. To get into contact with us use @festivalwatou. If you want to tweet about the festival, use #festivalwatou.

On Youtube (www.youtube.com/festivalwatou) you can watch our videos.

C. Information

For information, please contact:

Internationaal Gregoriaans Festival van Watou
Moenaardestraat 20 | 8978 Watou - Belgium
Tel. +32 57 388 267 |  Mobile +32 478 29 23 80

info@festivalwatou.be | www.festivalwatou.be