Restaurant-Gasthof ‘t Hommelhof - Watou
19:00 - Dinner in Restaurant-Gasthof ‘t Hommelhof and access to the afternoon concert
Estimated end time: 22:00


At 3PM Access to the afternoon concert, with reserved seats in front of the church

At 7-7.30 PM:  Dinner in the Restaurant-Gasthof ‘t Hommelhof, chef Stefaan Couttenye 

  • Choice of three starters  (Meat/ Fish/ Vegetarian)
  • Choice of three main dishes (Meat/ Fish/ Vegetarian)
  • Dessert
  • Drinks not included, to be billed seperately in the restaurant


Noted in the Michelin Guide: Bib Gourmand: good quality, good value cooking:

"Beer aficionados have come to the right place. This rustic, welcoming restaurant is the headquarters of Stefaan Coutteneye, chef and owner of the establishment. He does not hesitate to use all sorts of beer, giving it pride of place in a cuisine that is otherwise traditional. A flawless example of beer and food pairing!"


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